Daniel Zeitler talking at the social developers club

Carving my own path

400 Trillion to one. That’s the probability of being born according to Mel Robbins. We have won life’s golden ticket, but it feels as if we’re not acting accordingly.

The aspiration of mine to live a purpose-driven, intentional and mindful life stems from a desire to enjoy each and every moment to the fullest. I want to seek lessons, seek accomplishments and seek experiments.

I felt deeply unsatisfied seeing unhappy people in sad gray offices. Being forced to connect with people that they have no connection to whatsoever, but they still have to connect, because „visibility“ and „network“ will get them the promotion. To make the time pass everyone is coming up with strategies like spending more time in the bathroom with their smartphones. What’s the reward for all of this? Go get a big TV, go on get that Gucci belt. Maybe you can afford those sneakers you couldn’t afford last year or that one dream car. We’re left with this sad shadow of life after the work day. It feels as if it is a pattern that everyone is replicating from each other, not thinking about what can be done differently.

I don’t have an aversion against things per se, I simply decided for myself, that this isn’t what will bring me fulfillment. I want to have the freedom to live the life I want. I want my aspired legacy to always be greater than currency (money is important, but money is not everything). I want to keep a focus on learning and my personal pillars of growth: heart (purpose), mind (wisdom), and soul (mindfulness). Throughout this journey, I hope I am always surrounded by people I call friends or family, rather than „colleagues“.

I simply want to create things people love. Why love? Because love brings joy to people’s lives.